Anticipating economic developments is essential for any region. They are at the forefront of company and decision-makers minds.

The Economic and Strategic Study Cell set up within Sogepa in collaboration with the S.R.I.W. and SOWALFIN offer Walloon Region and its businesses the tools they need to anticipate possible downturns. It helps entrepreneurs anticipate possible difficulties by providing them with information that allows them to refocus their activities in good time.

The research carried out identifies industries experiencing change but also highlights emerging industries and the dynamics at work in Walloon Region, thereby creating new opportunities for developments for business and the regional economy.

Numerous studies have already been carried out: in rail freight, meat or even on compensation for the impact of ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) post-2012 on the cost of electricity for industries etc.

The information provided by the Economic and Strategic Study Cell is a precious tool for making clear decisions in Wallonia's business world.

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