Sogepa works towards objectives the Walloon government entrusted it with and monitors the implementation and support of decisions made relating to financial investment offered to commercial businesses.

It provides financial solutions specifically adapted to the life stage of the company, whether in the form of a loan or an equity participation.

The life of a business can be divided into a number of cycles, some periods being more complex than others: economic crises, market downturns, cash flow difficulties etc. Sogepa is there to provide funding to businesses and to actively support them in their reorganization. Our investments are made based on a strict financial approach and in accordance with European rules under competition law. We invest as a well-groomed investor operating under market conditions.

More specifically, upon the request of the Walloon Ministry for the Economy, Sogepa analyses each case and prepares a detailed report before proposing, where appropriate, that the government decides to offer financial investment to the business in question. Consequently, it seizes opportunities to intervene for the benefit and development of businesses that are undergoing restructuring. They must be focused on the needs of the business to reverse any downward trends and stimulate growth, which may be a case, for example, of investing, covering restructuring costs or working capital requirements.

Sogepa then ensures that the decisions are implemented in these businesses.

The FAST TRACK procedure for VSEs and SMEs

In order to enable rapid intervention in SMEs and VSEs, whose applications are generally more modest, SOGEPA has set up an accelerated decision-making procedure reserved for them: the "FAST TRACK" procedure.

  • The general conditions for benefiting from this procedure are as follows:
  • The amount of the intervention requested must be a maximum of €1,000,000;
  • The company must fall within the scope of SOGEPA's intervention;

Possibility of several interventions, provided that these take place during a maximum of three years from the date of the first intervention and for a maximum amount of €1,000,000.

For this type of intervention, please contact SOGEPA directly.