Sogepa is responsible for analysing business cases upon the request of the Walloon Ministry for the Economy. Your request must therefore be addressed to the Ministry, whether being for a loan, equity participation or interim management.

The prerequisite for any investment from Sogepa is that your business has a registered office or place of business inWalloon Region.

Any analysis of a request for investment depends on obtaining a series of information. This includes, in particular, a description of the business, its financial situation, its strategy, the composition of its workforce etc. and any other information that helps us to better understand the situation in which your business currently finds itself and to evaluate the measures which you have already put in place. Sogepa will then be able to define possible means of support via a loan, equity participation or interim management.

Looking for solutions can only work out if both partners cooperate properly; we provide our expertise whilst you provide a knowledge of your business and market. We are your partner in implementing and monitoring your new strategy.

As a public investment and management fund, our aim is to bring you the best of the public sector and the best of the private sector. The public sector because our medium-term investment outlook enables us to develop sustainable projects. The private sector because we only work alongside private investors who bring real dynamism and commitment, which are so key to success.

Sogepa's investment can only be provided in case we all come to the conclusion that your business will generate an acceptable rate of return, taking into account the sector in which it operates, its own characteristics and the general financial situation.