As a limited company, Sogepa is subject to the Code des Sociétés and governed by “la loi du 2 avril 1962 relative à la société fédérale d'investissement et aux sociétés régionales d'investissement” and “le décret du 15 février 2004 relatif au statut de l’administrateur public” 

The Walloon Region, via the Ministry of the Economy, is Sogepa’s sole shareholder.

The analyses and investments of Sogepa are governed by strict guidelines, following the rules set by the European Executive.

Governance within Sogepa includes, in particular:

  • The existence of specialist committees (Audit committee, Remuneration committee and Strategic committee);
  • A desire to be transparent, which means, among other things, regular reporting to the Board of Directors and Steering committee, via standard and high-performance tools;
  • The creation, monitoring and evaluation of a strategic plan;
  • The importance of stakeholders and, in particular, social partners.