What is our mission?

Specializing in the redeployment and support of companies, Sogepa is, above all, an investment fund meeting the criteria of a private investor. Through its interventions, Sogepa also pursues a societal mission: to be at the service of Wallonia and its economy by participating in its development, the competitiveness of its companies and the jobs linked to them.

As an economic tool serving the collective interest, Sogepa participates, alongside the S.R.I.W. and SOWALFIN, in the economic dynamism of Wallonia by contributing to the existence and development of a dynamic and innovative industrial fabric.

Our mission is to enable companies to adapt to the changes in their market and to perpetuate their activities in order to better develop afterwards. Our interventions are carried out in partnership with all the actors of the companies: shareholders, management, workers, social partners, creditors, etc.

As a public investment and management fund, Sogepa acts according to the same principles as a private investor and is also attentive to participating in the creation of sustainable economic added value.