Sogepa was incorporated by the constituent general assembly of 21st May 1984, under the name Fonds pour la Restructuration des Secteurs nationaux en Région wallone.

It then adopted its current name, Société wallonne de Gestion et de Participations with the merger of SWS (Société Wallonne pour la Sidérurgie,) and SOWAGEP (Société wallonne de gestion et de participations,).

Sogepa's aim is to meet all the objectives the government entrusted it in accordance with the decree of 6th May 1999. More specifically, it ensures the implementation of decisions taken by the Walloon government regarding financial investments provided to commercial businesses, and their management (delegated missions). Sogepa also invests equity in businesses active in the steel industry, participating in promising projects which must add structure to the Region. (ou forward-looking projects in a sector that is central to the Walloon Region).

Since 2013, Sogepa has been entrusted with new objectives. They have led to the creation of an Economic and Strategic Study Cell. Industrial reconversion projects as well as interim management have become activities fully responsive.